Batch Freezers:

Emery Thompson – An American based business that provides the best in ice cream batch freezers. We will be utilizing the world’s largest 44 quart ice cream batch freezer manufactured by Emery Thompson. We also have a CB350 6 quart machine that we use for class and for product testing.

Carpigiani – One of the largest suppliers of frozen dessert equipment in the world. Italian company specializing in gelato equipment.


New Equipment:

KaTom Restaurant Supply – Online supplier of restaurant equipment. One of our favorite places to buy because of the BEST prices.

WebstaurantStore – Online supplier of restaurant equipment, but also a good source for bulk ingredients and small wares.

Kitchen Restock – Online supplier of restaurant equipment. Occasionally will have very good deals on scratch and dent items.

C. Nelson Manufacturing – Supplier of a variety of mobile freezer cart solutions. Best ice cream carts out there! Also very high quality dipping and storage cabinets.


Used Equipment:

Turn Key Parlor – Online supplier for both new and used ice cream equipment. Sometimes a little high priced, but negotiable if you find something you like. Also a good source for C Nelson ice cream carts.

Slices Concessions – Online supplier for used ice cream equipment. Mostly soft serve machines.

Ebay – Seems obvious. Don’t knock it till you try it. Be careful buying used equipment online.


Ice Cream Buckets and Pints:

Aaron Packaging – Online supplier for all you ice cream buckets and PLASTIC pints. Does not supply paper cups/pints.

Container and Packaging – Another great source for all things plastic including ice cream buckets and pint containers.


Paper Cups and Pints:

Visstun – One of the largest suppliers of custom ice cream and drinking cups in the nation. Full color printing. Great prices on BULK ORDERS ONLY.

Your Brand Cafe – Smaller company specializing in coffee cups. However, great prices on single color printed cups in smaller runs. Also PET cups.

Frozen Dessert Supplies – One stop shop for all things ice cream. Paper cups, Pints, Spoons, Straws Etc. Both Plain and Custom Cups.



Nielsen Massey – High Quality Vanilla for over 100 years. Offers a variety of Vanillas and Flavorings.

Lockhead Manufacturing Company – Produces Vanilla specializing in the Ice Cream industry. Also has artificial Vanillin and Vanilla blends.

Singing Dog Vanilla – All Natural & Non – GMO Vanilla. Crazy good customer service and fast shipping from Eugene, Oregon.



Dippin Flavors – A full service supplier of high quality ice cream and frozen dessert ingredients for more than 20 years

Kate’s Gluten-Free Vegan Waffle Cones – The absolute BEST VEGAN waffle cone mix out there. Period.

I. Rice & Co – Flavorings, inclusions, bases.

Forbes Chocolate – Fantastic Chocolate. Ready to use chocolate powder for ice cream in a variety of options.

Green Mountain Flavors – ALL NATURAL flavors and colors for your frozen desserts.