Introduction to the Ice Cream Business

In this 2 Hour Course, we cover the most basic general topics of starting your own ice cream business.

This is a great class if you are just beginning to explore the idea of starting an ice cream business but are not quite sure which route you want to take. Many factors go into deciding which option is best for you and we will help you choose based on factors including: budget, time commitment, target market, etc. We will compare mobile carts, food trucks, and brick and mortar stores. But we will also consider other alternatives like pop-up shops, farmers markets, or shipping container units!?

We will also introduce you to the first steps of starting your own business. This section will include: establishing a business entity, receiving a federal EIN, developing a business plan, and finding ways to finance your business plan. We will discuss the various forms of business entities and the benefits of each. Other topics include business insurance, Google verification, permits and licenses. Consider this session your “Business 101” course.

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