If You Build It They Will Come – Ice Cream Shop Construction and Planning Overview

In this 2 Hour class you will learn everything related to the construction process of building you brick and mortar ice cream shop.

We will take you from formulating your concept, through construction, all the way up till opening your front doors. This class will include the following topics:

  • Choosing a location
  • Target pricing for a space
  • Space planning, organization, and flow of traffic
  • Signage, both interior and exterior
  • Seating / Occupancy
  • Bathroom Requirements
  • Choosing an Architect
  • Choosing a Builder
  • Build to suit options
  • Necessary Permits
  • Health Department Meeting
  • Plumbing and Electrical Requirements
  • Freezer Requirements
  • Unique features and special considerations
  • Security Cameras
  • Speaker and Music
  • Construction process
  • Construction Costs

Email info@icecreamschool.com for questions about private sessions.

Upcoming Classes:

  • If you would like to purchase a video recording of the previously held virtual class, please click the link below.