Ice Cream Production

In this 4 Hour course you will learn how to make your very own ice cream using an ice cream dairy mix.

This class does not teach you how to make ice cream mix from scratch, but does talk about the Pro’s and the Con’s of doing so. We will be using an Emery Thompson machine. While your machine may differ, the basics of ice cream production still apply. In this course we will discuss the following topics:

  • Choosing an Ice Cream Base Mix
  • Pro’s and Con’s of making your own base
  • Vanilla
  • Ingredients
  • Suppliers of Ingredients
  • Flavorings, Purees, Inclusions
  • Preparing Fruit for Ice Cream
  • Using a Refractometer
  • Small Equipment needed
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Batch Freezers
  • Blast Freezers: Do you need one?
  • Storage Freezers
  • Tempering your Ice Cream
  • Dipping Cabinets: Flip Top? Glass Front Display? Gelato Cabinets?

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Upcoming Classes:

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