Do you offer 1on1 classes or consulting services?

Yes, we most certainly do as this is what we spend most of our time doing. We are able to offer training at our location, but most often the student wants us to come and help them plan and organize their current space. We are happy to travel to your location so we can more fully understand your vision and ideas. Please contact us directly for more information and pricing.

What will I learn at Ice Cream School? 

Please look under the “curriculum” tab and there will be a link to our daily itinerary. This is just a small sampling of what will be taught, but will give you a basic outline of the topics covered.

Where exactly is Ice Cream School?

“Ice Cream School” is actually at the production kitchen for our scoops shops, Stella’s Ice Cream, based in Nampa, Idaho. Nampa is about a 20-25 minute drive from Boise, Idaho airport. You still may not know where Boise, Idaho is either, but you soon will! 

Where should I stay when I come?

Under the “Resources” Tab on the website there is a link to “Travel Accommodations”. Here you will find links to some of the best hotels that are just a few minutes away from our school.  We only recommend clean, affordable hotels, so rest assured you are in good hands and won’t wake up with bed bugs.

Do I need to bring anything?

Not necessarily, but you are encouraged to bring a business plan or at least an idea of what you want to accomplish. There will be a session in which you are able to present your ideas to the class for constructive criticism. Other than that, we will provide you with a course manual that you can take notes in during class.

What should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. Winters are cold in Idaho, so dress accordingly. Please no open toed shoes. You will be working in the kitchen so please wear clothes that you are willing to get dirty as an occasional spill does happen. Also, masks will be required due to COVID until further notice. If you do not have one, one will be provided.

Can my friend, family or business partner attend with me?

Of course, as long as they are registered just like everyone else. We ask that all participants be 16 years or older. 

Can I take one class and not the other?

You are certainly welcome to come for just a portion of the week. However, our Dairy Free / Vegan Class does not contain any of the business related information that is contained in the Ice Cream Basics Course. If you want the benefits of both classes, please take them together! If you are not interested in the dairy ice cream production, but still want the business information from the basics course, please contact us directly and me be able to arrange an extra day with you to cover these topics.

Do you offer support after the class?

Yes we do! We offer our consulting services at a greatly discounted rate to any of our past students. We will also be establishing a closed Facebook group so that all of current and past alumni can ask questions and share ideas. Contact us directly for more details.