Below is a list of equipment and supplies we recommend for our students, most of which we use on a daily basis.

ice cream school frozen yogurt

Batch Freezers:

Emery Thompson – An American based business that provides the best in ice cream batch freezers. We will be utilizing the world largest batch freezer manufactured by Emery Thompson.

Carpigiani – One of the largest suppliers of frozen dessert equipment in the world. Italian company specializing in gelato equipment.

ice cream school freezer

New Equipment:

KaTom Restaurant Supply – Online supplier of restaurant equipment. One of our favorite places to buy because of the BEST prices.

WebstaurantStore – Online supplier of restaurant equipment, but also a good source for bulk ingredients and small wares.

Kitchen Restock – Online supplier of restaurant equipment. Occasionally will have very good deals on scratch and dent items.

ice cream school equipment

Used Equipment:

Turn Key Parlor – Online supplier for both new and used ice cream equipment. Sometime a little high priced, but negotiable if you find something you like. Also a good source for C Nelson ice cream carts.

Slices Concessions – Online supplier for used ice cream equipment.

Ebay – Seems obvious. Don’t knock it till you try it. Be careful buying used equipment online.

ice cream cups and supplies

Ice Cream Buckets and Pints:

Aaron Packaging – Online supplier for all you ice cream buckets and PLASTIC pints. Does not supply paper cups/pints.

Container and Packaging – Another great source for all things plastic including ice cream buckets and pint containers.

ice cream school cups

Paper Cups and Pints:

Visstun – One of the largest suppliers of custom ice cream and drinking cups in the nation. Full color printing. Great prices on BULK ORDERS ONLY.

Your Brand Cafe – Smaller company specializing in coffee cups. However, great prices on single color printed cups in smaller runs. Also PET cups.

Frozen Dessert Supplies – One stop shop for all things ice cream. Paper cups, Pints, Spoons, Straws Etc. Both Plain and Custom Cups.

ice cream school supplies


Nielsen Massey – High Quality Vanilla for over 100 years. Offers a variety of Vanillas and Flavorings.

Lockhead Manufacturing Company – Produces Vanilla specializing in the Ice Cream industry. Also has artificial Vanillin and Vanilla blends.

Singing Dog Vanilla – All Natural & Non – GMO Vanilla. Crazy good customer service and fast shipping from Eugene, Oregon.